Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Trying to find affordable motorcycle insurance can seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but when you spend time shopping around for the best coverage available, you likely will be able to find a good deal on your next policy. It is important to note that there are several different factors that insurance companies review when determining your motorcycle insurance rates. By understanding more about the top factors that could make your motorcycle insurance rates skyrocket, you may be able to fine tune your coverage request to save money.

The Vehicle That You Drive
One of the primary factors that will influence the cost of your motorcycle insurance rates is the type of motorcycle that you drive. There are several components to this that you should consider. For example, a motorcycle with a higher horsepower engine generally is more expensive to insure than a low horsepower model. In addition, motorcycles that have a higher value likely also have a higher repair or replacement cost, and because of this, more expensive motorcycles often cost significantly more to insure. If you are still shopping for a motorcycle to purchase, keep these points in mind if you want to save money on your coverage.

Where You Live
Many motorcycle insurance companies also review accident and crime statistics for where you live, and this may be refined down as finely as your zip code. This means that moving even a few miles away to a different zip code may help you to save money on your coverage. However, keep in mind that how far you drive on the motorcycle each year also will play a role in your rates. Therefore, if you use the motorcycle to commute to work, you may not want to live too far away from work Youi.

Your Driving Record
A final and important factor that will affect your final motorcycle insurance rate is your personal driving record. The number of accidents you have been in as well as the number of traffic citations you have received over the last few years will be a factor. Different insurance companies have a different length of time that they will review records for, such as three years or five years. If you have accidents or tickets dated several years old, you may be able to save money by looking for an insurance company that reviews your driving record only over a shorter period of time.

These are only a few of the many factors that motorcycle insurance companies review when determining the rate they will extend to you. Other factors may include your age and gender, how the vehicle will be stored, if you will bundle your insurance with other policies and more. Because you may be able to identify savings by shopping around and by taking advantage of different discounts offered by various insurers, you can also save a moderate amount of money on your premium when you shop around for savings.

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