Dr. Chris Cox

Dr. Chris Cox - Discover Chiropractic Clinic A Creating Wellness Centre – Tucson, AZAs a chiropractor with over a decade of experience and an exceptional understanding of healing philosophy, Dr. Chris Cox is committed to awakening each and every practice member’s inborn potential and helping them live a better life.

One of the first things you will notice when meeting Dr. Cox is his ability to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Enjoying everyday with an attitude of gratitude, laughing frequently and finding the silver lining in every situation are just a few of the ways he does this. Whether it is his family or business, he handles every situation with appreciation and unconditional love, confronts all adversity head on and with a smile.

In his free time, you may see Dr. Cox swimming, cycling or running as he competes in triathlons (including an Ironman triathlon). He also enjoys great food, the ocean and laughter with his family (Heather, Sydney and Carter) and friends.

Dr. Cox is also a successful leader in the chiropractic community and keeps up on the latest information available. He and his staff attend seminars regularly in order to accomplish this. He was honored with the distinction of Chiropractor of the Year (western U.S.) in 2004, Chiropractor of the Month in April 2005 for the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, Appointed to the Physicians Advisory Board for the NRCC in 2006. The Clinic received from the Creating Wellness Alliance the Worldwide Center of the Year, Community Wellness Excellence and the Wellness Award for Excellence in 2007. He spent five seasons working with the Minnesota Vikings professional football team, helping to create and maintain optimal performance.

He has a passion and a gift for helping practice members see and accomplish what’s possible for their health and their life.

Email: drcox@lifealignedwellness.com

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